Reserve Sullivan Commercial Center

Reserve Sullivan Community &

Reserve Sullivan

Commercial Center)

Tabeling Development Co, LLC

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Area Details

  • Very low interest build-out loan available from the City of Sullivan
  • Attractive TIF District and Opportunity Zone benefits (see below)
  • City is providing utilities to each lot (water, power, sanitary, gas)
  • Build-to-suit & land sale options  
  • Frontage on Route 32 available
  • Across the street from Hydro-Gear and AgriFab factories (1200+ employees)  
  • Two miles north of Lake Shelbyville marina (3.5 million visitors per year)

Growth Incentives

Reserve Sullivan Commercial Center is a 17-acre development in southern Sullivan with frontage on Route 32.  Located just a couple of miles north of the Lake Shelbyville marina, and across the street from employers, Hydro-Gear & Agri-Fab, this new development site will contain multiple, flexible commercial lots and a new multifamily site.

Welcoming Sweet Vail Cafe & Event Center & Sully's!

The entire site is located in an Opportunity Zone​​​

Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) were created as part of 2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, under a new provision to Section 1400Z.

The current QOZ designations will remain in effect until 12/31/2028.

Deferral of capital gains taxes on QOZ Fund investments until 12/31/2026.  100% of gains generated from QOZ Fund investment are excluded from taxable income if asset is held at least 10 years.  QOZ Fund investments are limited to equity investments in real estate, businesses, and business assets that are located in QOZ.