Central Illinois Opportunity Fund, LLC

Qualified Opportunity Zones (O-zones) were created as part of 2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, under a new provision to Section 1400Z.

The current O-zone designations will remain in effect until 12/31/2028.

Deferral of capital gains taxes on O-zone Fund investments until 12/31/2026.  Reduction of up to 15% of taxes from invested capital gains.

100% of gains generated from Ozone Fund investment are excluded from taxable income if asset is held at least 10 years.

O-zone Fund investments are limited to equity investments in real estate, businesses, and business assets that are located in Ozones.


  • Very low interest build-out loan available from the City of Sullivan
  • Attractive TIF District and Opportunity Zone benefits (see below)
  • Across the street from Hydro-Gear and AgriFab factories (1200+ employees)  
  • Two miles north of Lake Shelbyville marina (3.5 million visitors per year)

Reserve Sullivan Community &

Reserve Sullivan

Commercial Center)

Reserve Sullivan Commercial Center

Tabeling Development Co, LLC

Reserve Sullivan Commercial Center is a 17-acre development in southern Sullivan with frontage on Route 32.  Located just a couple of miles north of the Lake Shelbyville marina, and across the street from the Hydro-Gear factory, this new development site will contain multiple, flexible commercial lots and a new multifamily site.

Property Details

Area Details

Growth Incentives

  • City is providing utilities to each lot (water, power, sanitary, gas)
  • Build-to-suit & land sale options  
  • Frontage on Route 32 available